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Murder Most Foul

behind Caesar’s dead body stood the statue of his old enemy Pompey now splattered with blood

The Gods of War
by Conn Iggulden

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Julius Caesar's story is a familiar one, however in his book The Gods of war the author Con Iggulden manages to paint a story of two childhood friends torn apart by jealously and an insatiable lust for power.

Marcus Brutus, overlooked for the consulship of Rome and jealous of his one time friend, deserts Caesar and joins his rival Pompey. Defeated in battle Caesar forgives Brutus, in the process creating a festering sore in his former friend, which will lure him to side with the rebels lined up against Caesar.

Their choices made the two are now set on a course of action which will lead to a famous murder at the Roman Senate on the Ides of March.

What's this all about?

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My name is Ian Ecclestone and I am experimenting with the capabilities of CSS and HTML. Over the forthcoming months I shall visualise one aspect of the book I am currently reading.

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